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Restaurant Award “Discovery of the Year” category



Italian soul “Giannivino” in Dnipro city, Ukraine!

In the nomination “Discovery of the Year” of the Ukrainian national award “Salt” the Italian cuisine restaurant, which is one of our best projects, became the winner! They deservedly received a copper pan, which is an iconic award in honor of the victory the same as a medal!

“Giannivino” describes itself as 21 regions of Italy and it really doesn’t matter that officially there are only 20 of the regions. Simply, one of them is located in Dnipro and presents Italy from the inside. This is the only place where they serve the original dish – Pinza (not pizza), which differs in the composition of the dough. There is nowhere else in the city you can find it!

Our project “Giannivino” has been three years in its concept preparation and construction. Within that time, our team had traveled to Italy for cultural exploration and brought a piece of it here, so that everyone would have the opportunity to visit Rome or Milan, only near their home!

High-quality standard of the establishment is proved by excellent service and delicious meals, where all the traditions of Italy are maintained, as well as in the atmosphere you can feel the spirit of real Italy, delivered to Dnipro so carefully!

Imagine all the passion invested in this project, carefully and lovingly creating every single inch of space, the details, and the processes that were meticulously built! What a joy, an incredible joy, to see our clients and their creation receive well-deserved awards!