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Restaurant Award “Discovery of the Year” category



The institution “Market Relations” in Dnepr, which interior design had been made by our team, became the best in the nomination “Discovery of the Year” in the national Ukrainian restaurant award “Salt”.

We are proud that the establishment won and received the “Salt” Restaurant Award. Previously, they were nominated for the “Palm Tree Award” for the best innovative concept!

Our efforts are producing amazing results – this is the perfect reward for us! Everyone from our team passionately loves what they do, that is why projects succeed and come first among the others!

You are missing out on a lot if you haven’t been to “Market Relations” yet, especially their exceptional interior, featuring an unashamed combination of feathers, dried dandelion chandeliers, ripped carpeting, flowers, and a diverse range of colors in one room. The delicious food is rarely combined together with the style. Keeping the memories you’ve already made and creating new ones is here to stay! Make sure your inner esthete is delighted with the welcoming atmosphere!

And when you are asked what kind of relationship you are in – without thinking, you would answer that only ” Market Relations” in Dnipro is the best of all!