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The pan of the iron cooks the rice

An iron saucepan cooks rice - a piece of sunny Asia in the Dnieper. Spicy to the taste, bright to the eye, loved in the heart. We have put a piece of our soul and some spicy spices into every element of our interior, so that it is more interesting for you to look at the details and enjoy Asian aesthetics more deeply. Wooden furniture is combined with wicker lamps in the form of balls and green flowers. The chairs with bottomless transparent green seats make you fall in love. The basement hall has a lamp-like atmosphere, where there is space for bicycles and the walls are painted in the format of street graffiti. We recreated a pleasant tropical atmosphere, combining an abundance of vegetation, a little chaos and street style. It turned out unusual, not like everyone else. We would like you to feel like you are in little Asia and be completely immersed in the culture and traditions of this part of the world. Приходите и окунитесь: вы будете сыты вкусными впечатлениями, оказавшись в азиатских тропиках посреди улицы своего любимого города.

Project Facts

Location : Dnipro

Area : 224 m²

Project Year : 2020

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