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Moshe.vdoma is a small piece of Israel in the Dnieper! Upon entering, on the left, one is greeted by a wall inscription in Hebrew and the smell of fresh baked goods. Everything here resembles home and you feel like Moshe - at home. Brick walls, long sofas and many bright pillows with ornaments convey the atmosphere. Wide panoramic windows with cacti on the windowsill fill the space with sun and notes of the taste of shakshuka and crispy pita. And the hummus from the plate makes me want to take a walk through the Jewish streets. You can hear the noise of Tel Aviv here, and the portions make you want to lie down and relax. When you close your eyes and try a dish, it’s difficult to figure out where you are now: in the center of the Dnieper or in the Middle East. You can afford a tour of Israel with special cuisine and traditions once you are within the walls of MOSHE!

Project Facts

Location : Dnipro

Area : 225 m²

Project Year : 2020


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