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GIANNIVINO is a family Italian restaurant. Once entering the doorway, you will experience the atmosphere of a real Italian family, where people are always together and there is a lot of happy noise. Just imagine adults are having dinner, and meanwhile, their kids are playing and running around the tables. The true spirit of Italy! Now there are two floors in the restaurant, although originally there was one big room with five-meter-high ceilings. We took advantage of this and created a mezzanine in the form of a second floor. In this way, we expanded the seating capacity while maintaining the lightness of the establishment, since the second-floor balcony has a view of the first floor. The urban seating is what is specific to the first floor of GIANNIVINO. Along the walls, there are racks of wine shelves and a fridge with antipasti. And you can always pick out a nice bottle of wine and an appetizer. The feeling is that you are in a big Italian store, but in the meantime, there is an opportunity to pause, to relax, and have a delicious meal. GIANNIVINO has large windows on the first floor and cozy tables near them. Enjoy your life, drinking wine slowly and watching people walking by from the window. The second floor is done in a softer seating arrangement. Large comfortable sofas, cozy armchairs, and chairs provide a relaxed atmosphere. The atmosphere here is that of a noisy Italian celebration you want to celebrate with a large family or a group of friends. The interior of GIANNIVINO perfectly combines both new and antique. Authentic vintage doors decorate the place we have found at flea markets and in old houses. The bar façade is also made of the original antique wood. The specialty here is the big barrels that we brought from Italy. These barrels perfectly replace the tables and convey the spirit of the country. When people come to GIANNIVINO, they suddenly find themselves somewhere in Milan with its unique, bustling Italian atmosphere!

Project Facts

Location : Dnipro

Area : 570 m²

Project Year : 2020


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