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To get a taste of Italy, all you have to do is come to SiSi. The space in the hall is filled with the delicious aroma of freshly baked ciabatta with perfetto pasta with the taste of an Italian holiday. You can choose a table by the window and watch passers-by. Or prefer round tables with large asymmetrical mosaics built inside, or a long leather sofa for a large company. The design is complemented by shelves with wine, fresh flowers hanging from above in pots and several pompous chandeliers that resemble beads with black peas, impressive in their appearance and volume. You can hide on the second floor; they say that it is more comfortable there for lovers of minimalism, dim light and silence. Italy is in the heart, in food, in wine and in the Dnieper!

Project Facts

Location : Dnipro

Area : 92 m²

Project Year : 2019


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