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White Arrow 2D

White Arrow 2D is a coffee shop that stands out due to its philosophy of finding simplicity in detail. Dominated by shades of white, the walls are untouched by adornment. A prominent table at the center invites patrons to scrutinize every nuance. The eye is immediately drawn to the vivid coffee machine and the coral door framed in orange. I'm particularly taken with the tall green plants that provide an organic contrast to the otherwise bright space. They are perfectly complemented by a striking black and white chandelier suspended above a round table, interspersed with single light bulbs. Along the panoramic windows are smaller tables, perfect for basking in sunlight and daydreaming. Coffee is everywhere, not just in cups but even on the walls. One wall bears the declaration, “Make coffee black again”, while another mirrors the hue of frothy cappuccino. In the restroom, a bright neon sign reading 'C O S M O S' is hard to miss. White Arrow 2D creates an ambiance ideal for both personal and professional meetings, discreet conversations, mood-lifting desserts, and, of course, plenty of quality coffee

Project Facts

Location : Dnipro

Area : 104 m²

Project Year : 2019






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