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FLOYD is a place where cafe and art come together in one space. There they drink coffee with desserts and enjoy art at the same time, because it is everywhere: from art exhibitions to design. There is so much space here that you can choose a corner to suit your mood. Leather armchairs among green living flowers that make you want to contemplate. Wooden chairs and tables near large panoramic windows. Soft poufs in the center of a large hall where exhibitions are held and inspiration flows. The warm colors of the hall are soothing - the leading shades are brown and blue, gray and white. There is a communal round table with a bust of David in the center and an interesting installation hanging on top. FLOYD - your fingers will decide what to touch, and your eyes will decide what to look at. Art rules the world!

Project Facts

Location : Dnipro

Area : 156 m²

Project Year : 2020


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