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The American urban café Brooks is an opportunity to be in New York without leaving your hometown. Once you enter this place, you will find yourself in a noisy metropolis with all its diversity. But don't hurry to take the first available table. Explore the cafe and find something that appeals to you. Along the perimeter of the Brooks are corners of diverse cultures: Asian street food and sushi, Brooklyn pizza, and a baking area. After deciding on your meal, have a delicious cocktail, beer, or glass of wine from the Wine Bar. The bar at Brooks is a very special environment: lively, partying, modern. The large wood bar combined with iron ornamentation and comfortable chairs blends seamlessly into the concept of the place. After acquaintance with the bar, continue your tour around Brooks. The image will also be changing through a number of interior features. Wooden benches enhance the concrete columns with Berlin graffiti and bring out the urban vibe. For those who like to relax, the private corners with leather sofas are the right choice. Lamps with louvered lampshades will add a touch of coziness to your table. Brightly colored signs with corner names, casually stacked pizza boxes and an open kitchen will carry you back to downtown. Walk down the stairs and you'll see phone booths and an area decorated like Brooklyn laundromats with washing machines. Oh, and if you get lost, check out the map of New York City on the wall. Brooks is a teleporter to buzzing American streets filled with vibrant life and diverse cultures.

Project Facts

Location : Dnipro

Area : 818 m²

Project Year : 2021

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