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Black sheep

Black sheep is a place where the soul comes into contact with something dear and close. The large neon sign glows brighter than Hong Kong storefronts. The abundance of green flowers calms you down, and you seem to escape from the city, from everyday life and just a little from reality. You like the laconic interior for its simplicity, and the aroma of Thai cuisine lights up the light in you, tickling you with its spicy smell and making you smile. The waiters know where to come and go, how to say things, and where words are unnecessary. You trust them. And when pleasant lounge music is combined with delicious warm food, you want to smile and feel that you are in the right place. Little Asia awakens in you, and it doesn’t matter at all that you are now on the other side of the world from her! After all, you just tried it, felt it, lived it and shared it with your family!

Project Facts

Location : Dnipro

Area : 108 m²

Project Year : 2017















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