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Shepit Coffeebar

Shepit Coffeebar is an ideal place for conversations, where everyone whispers about their own things. Someone shares a secret, someone quickly pops in for coffee, someone invites their girlfriend on a first date. Everyone chose this place because they trust the taste, aroma, waiters, walls. Every detail knows how to keep secrets. Tube lights and lots of green flowers complement the natural wood furniture. And in the center there is a table comfortably located, from which a tree grows and a large luminous halo above it. Mysterious? In the hall you can hear the whisper of a coffee machine and the juicy crunch of snacks. Lots of perfect coffee, plenty of space and the best turntable you've ever seen. And high panoramic windows will allow you to watch the city or focus on work. They are waiting for you. Go.

Project Facts

Location : Dnipro

Area : 67m²

Project Year : 2019


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