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White coffeebar

White Coffeebar is a place of power for coffee lovers and lovers of aesthetic pleasure in details. The white magic of the walls is ideally combined with a huge panoramic floor-to-ceiling window and a white checkered facade on the outside. If you choose a seat by the window, you can see everything that happens in the Dnieper. It’s not calm there, there are always a lot of people, invigorating coffee and conversations. White Coffeebar is like your best friend, someone you run to to share something. The room has botanical corners with four-tier pale blue shelves filled with live plants, and shelves with coffee packs for those who like to buy new beans to take home. A huge gray inscription on a white wall will not go unnoticed, wanting to collect as many references to itself as possible in the photographs of others. And also an eye-catching wall carpet with unusual patterns on which ancient coffee recipes are encrypted. White - cozy, friendly and dear. A coffee shop with its own philosophy!

Project Facts

Location : Dnipro

Area : 67 m²

Project Year : 2017





















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